la nostra agenzia:
Caremoli Anna Cristina


Marzia Risaliti

Place of Birth: Switzerland
Date of Birth: 25/07/1969
Languages: English, French, Spanish and Italian

Adaptable, responsible, self-motivated, organised and capable of working
under pressure. I have a clear, logical mind with a practical approach to
problem solving and a drive to see things through to completion. I enjoy
working on my own initiative or in a team. In short, I am reliable,
trustworthy, hard-working and eager to learn and have a genuine
interest in Movies because of my past background as an actress. I have
a good working knowledge of the industry.

Acting School : Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, London
Creative Expression: Gabriella Bartolomei
Mamadou Dioume
G.I.T.I.S Moscow
Russian Academy of Dramatic Art, Moscow
Cecov Method with R. Mantovani
Traditional and Modern Indian dance
Classical Dance: Loris Gai
Singing: Kaya Anderson, Ann Marie Lebreton Roy Hart Theatre,
Member of Roy Hart Theatre since 1998 France

Work Experience
Title - Director
"Hannibal" Ridley Scott
"Under The Tuscany' Sun" Audrey Wells
"My brother Jack" Anthony Caldarella
The Delivery" Rie Cides
Title - Director
"Dante "L' inferno" 2010 Angelo Savelli Pupi e Fresedde
"Uno,nessuno, centomila" 2010 Luigi Pirandello, conferenza
spettacolo di Angelo Savelli Rifredi, Florence -Italy
"Odissea" 2009/ 2010 A.Bruno Savelli Rifredi, Florence -Italy
"Dante "L' inferno" 2008/9/10 Angelo Savelli
"Iliade Contro" 2008 Angelo Savelli, Rifredi, Florence -Italy
"Nel mezzo del cammin..." 2007 Angelo Savelli
"Sunsets and glories" 2007 P. Barnes,di Jason Watchin Gate Theatre, London
"Orlando Furioso" 2006 L. Ariosto, Compagnia Stabile di Sardegna Pupi &
"Romeo and Juliet" 2006 Gisli Orn Gardrsson, Young Vic London,England
"The lunatic queen" 2002-2005 (Peruna Production) Riverside Studios, London
"Titus Andronicus" 2004 P. Crazea Regents Park, London
"The Millioners" 2003 G. Bernard Shaw, di N. Racliff London – England
"II Gattopardo" 2001-2002 di Tommasi di Lampedusa Teatro comunale di
Fiume - Italy
"Stasera si recita....Pirandello"n1999-2000 Angelo Savelli .Pupi&Fresedde
stabile di Sardegna
"A midsummer night's dream" 1999 di Peter Craze London – England
"Orlando Furioso" 1999 Compagnia Pupi & Fresedde Stabile di Sardegna
"Filumena" 1998 E. De Filippo,di Peter Hall Piccadilly Theatre, London
"Il giardino dei ciliegi" 1999 Anton Ceckov, diretto da Nicolaj Russia
"La figlia di Iorio" 1997 Compagnia Pupi & Fresedde Rifredi, Florence -Italy
"Caffマ' chantant" 1997
"Nozze di sangue" 1997 M. Bresciani Teatro di Montevideo
"Dialoghi con Leuc˜" 1997 Angelo Savelli, compagnia Pupi & Fresedde. Rifredi,
Florence -Italy
"Ultima stanza" 1996 M. Sazio Teatro di Merano
"Il Vangelo secondo Matteo" 1996 S. Ciulli Chiesa di Santa Maria al
"Le tre regine" 1996 P. L .Zollo Stabile della Toscana

Title - Year
Pasta Buitoni (South America) 2002
Microsoft 2003
Mulino Bianco 2002
Carte d'Or Algida (Greece, Portugal and Belgium) 2002
Findus 2003
Ferrero Rocher (UK)
Good knowledge of MS Word and PowerPoint.

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